Critical path method project using ms project


Your assignment for this unit is to convert the work breakdown structure (WBS) you created in ITC 4760 for the MSI Data Center relocation scenario into a functioning Microsoft (MS) Project file using the version of MS Project housed in Toolwire. You will enter your task, sub-tasks, milestones, and task duration data previously created in MS Excel and generate a project plan that is capable of displaying a Gantt chart that shows the project schedule from start to finish as well as a critical path method (CPM) network diagram that depicts task dependencies and the project’s projected critical path. 

In a separate Word document, create a one-page reflection paper that discusses how this plan will support the project manager’s overall management of this particular project. As a part of your summary section, discuss any problems, observations, and/or recommendations you may have regarding your experience in creating this MS Project. No title page or reference page is required.

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