Conduct research on inclusive, age friendly, livable communities

Interview an older adult that you know. This can be a grandmother, aunt, or neighbor. You can call them or visit with them in person. After you have caught up on all the news, ask them the questions on this survey and input their answers. Please don’t send them the URL and ask them to do it alone. Complete your interviews and then you should enter their responses into the survey
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you will be able to see all the aggregated data from this course. review the data. Post a summary of the results here in this discussion forum. Contrast the results of our survey with what you learned about the living arrangements and neighborhoods of minority elders. Did our interviewees note the same risks and advantages? Did our interviewees feel welcome or ostracized in their community? Include two references from course materials and write a minimum of 200 words. You do not need to respond to a fellow student.

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