Unit 6 assignment- questionnaires and instruments

Ah, the influence of question content, question wording, response strategy, and

preliminary analysis planning on question construction.

The final product will be a paper that is:

 1-2 double-spaced, APA formatted pages answering the below question, and: 

  • a. Include at least two (2) references to this week’s materials in the paper. 
  • b. A questionnaire for the survey research you would have done. 

 The requirement for your assignment is to simply respond to the “Snapshot” article below, per the instructions above! 

 One of Kraft’s hallmark brands is Jell-O. During May 2009, the Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding cups line was getting a makeover with the introduction of two new flavors: Boston Cream Pie and Cinnamon Roll. 

  • a. What survey research would you have done to determine whether to introduce these new flavors? 

Based on the adage that variety is the spice of life, it is a common practice in food marketing to cycle in new flavors and remove older ones to ensure that customers stay interested. Let’s assume that that is the case with Jell-O and its pudding cups line for this exercise. The question already assumes a survey is the research method of choice. We can assume also that the company has a panel of Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding cup loyalists as participants, people who purchase the brand regularly and are familiar with the flavor selection, or that Jell-O is using the introduction of the new flavors to attract new users, so they are using a random sample of people who regularly purchase pre-made sugar-free products. While a taste test (experiment) is also likely in this research, either combine the survey with the taste test or ignore the experiment for this exercise. 

b. Next, design the questionnaire for the survey research you would have done. This doesn’t have to be a massive project! Just show me you understand the premise of “Questionnaires and Instruments”! 

Look through the exhibits noted below to help in the process of designing your instrument. 

  • • Exhibit 13-2: Flowchart for the Instrument Design: Phase 1 
  • • Exhibit 13-5: Flowchart for Instrument Design: Phase 2 
  • • Exhibit 13-10: Flowchart for Instrument Design: Phase 3 
  • • Exhibit 13-8: Summary of Scale Types 
  • • Exhibit 13-6: A summary of the Major Issues Related to Measurement Questions.