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Forum Discussion Assignment

Key Questions and Outcomes

You will be able to answer the following questions about this topic.

  • What is euphemistic language?
  • How is euphemistic language used to manipulate people and to hide or soften the truth?

Video: Euphemistic language: words and phrases that hide meaning, confuse readers and manipulate readers

Watch the video: Euphemism and Connotation Video.

Assignment: Part 1

Write a response to the video in which you share your own observations about how  businesses and government officials use euphemistic language to hide the truth and to manipulate their customers and constituents.

Part 2:

Review and analyze a recent example of communication you received at your workplace.

o   Identify the components of communication (stimulus, filter, message, medium and destination)

o   Discuss any examples of “noise” and/or verbal/non-verbal barriers.

o   Discuss whether you felt the sender used an appropriate channel of communication and why.

Post your own work and comment on the work of another students by next class.

(Forum 1: Reference PMBOK 10.1 Plan Communication Mgmt)