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We began our discussion of difference, stereotyping, and prejudice by viewing Pleasantville. In a well-written essay, apply the theories and research discussed in this series of lectures to illustrate a more sophisticated understanding of the events in the film. As discussed in class, an understanding of the social and group dynamics evident in Pleasantville begins with an understanding of the challenges posed by difference, like those introduced in Pleasantville. We discussed seven points that describe what is challenging about difference in lecture. How do you see these points illustrated in Pleasantville? Be sure to use specific examples to support your claims. As you explicate these seven points identify three to four theories of blatant and subtle stereotyping and ideologies embodied in the steps. You can discuss more theories if they will help you to improve your response. What conclusions from your analysis can you draw about how difference is manipulated and exploited in your daily life? For example, how does the media exploit social differences? How are these differences exploited in politics? Do you have a personal example to share about how differences are exploited? Your response should be detailed and thorough. 6.5 pages

Assume that our understanding of “self” is ONE among several types of cognitive structures that constitute our entire memory (e.g., we also have role schemas, person schemas, scripts, collective forms of memory, etc.). Also assume that the “self” (self-schemata) is a central cognitive structure that organizes all other cognitive structures in memory. Develop an explanation for how the “self” structures and organizes all other cognitive structures. Be sure that your explanation describes WHY the self is this central cognitive structure. As you develop these explanations you should describe your view of the “self” by incorporating the many perspectives discussed in class (e.g., the ideal self, feared self, possible self, etc.). Your explanation should draw on material from Fiske and Taylor and class discussions (including Cognitive Experiential Self Theory and our discussion of schemas prior to the midterm). Your explanation will be your own theory of the way memory works. Describe how your explanation of human memory is related to one or more of the forms of communication we discussed this semester. 6.5 pages

these should help