Strategic thinking discussion | Human Resource Management homework help

Please answer these questions below min 100 words each. No need for APA format. Just answer questions with providing references. 


1)How would the training differ in a company that is primarily research and development compared to one that has a dominant product presence? How would it be similar? 



2) What do you think are the most common concerns for organizations after a needs analysis is completed? Why? 



3) What training and development programs help companies the most in a struggling economy? Provide an example of how the training will help.


4) Why is it important to include upper management in the needs assessment process?


5) Describe the role of HR in outsourcing of training.


6) Describe the benefits of including a human resource development (HRD)

perspective in strategy development



7) List and describe the steps in conducting a needs analysis.


8) Describe the relationship between needs analysis and the design and evaluation of training.