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Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized as a disorder where children display deficits in: a) social interaction, b) verbal and nonverbal communication, and c) repetitive behaviors or interests (National Institute of Mental Health, 2007). VisitAutismSpeaks.org (http://www.autismspeaks.org/?gclid=CKH1moq3v7ICFak7Mgodg3QAlQ) and review the Family Services and Sciencetabs focusing on one of the tool kits and on one of the articles.

  1. Compare and contrast the information presented in the website and the information presented in your textbook.
  2. Describe the practical implications of the information provided atAutismSpeaks.org on families caring for a child with Autism.

300 Level Forum Grading Rubric


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Met initial post deadline (Wednesday)



Initial post is substantive



Initial post is at least 300 words



Initial post employs at least two citations; one can be text; other must be from an academic source