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Quantitative research is widely utilized in areas of science where the data can be interpreted through mathematical and statistical analysis. Quantitative research uses sampling, measurement, and analysis to collect and interpret the data collected during the study. The studies can have various designs, and the most popular and most accurate design is a randomized controlled study. A randomized controlled study design allows a study to determine the cause-effect relationship. High-quality evidence can be generated y a randomized controlled study (Bhide et al., n.d.). Quantitative research uses data to provide an objective view of the problem at hand. Before the study begins, a researcher should identify the problem at hand and form a question.

After the question formulation, a hypothesis is generated. Quantitative research is different from qualitative research as the hypothesis is generated before the study begins, and the study itself can prove a hypothesis either right or wrong. Both results, either negative or positive, are beneficial. The confirmation of the hypothesis by the study proves that the assumption the scientist made has been correct. A negative result also plays a role in the advancement of science. With the negative result, the scientist can either adjust the hypothesis and try again or perform a completely different study to answer the question raised by the study. A study question for a quantitative study should be clearly defined with either positive or negative answers.

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