Python – soduko board modifications

Good Evening,


Looking to get back two modified .py files that meet the missing requirements.


I have built code for a soduko board (85% of the assignment done). The progression has been done over 3 .py files. I’m having difficulty finishing several aspects, and need an expert to guide in finishing the programs. I have outlined these requirements in the .pdf, but here are a few notes:


1. Having difficulty adding code to check2 (add user input to board) that will change a blank space in theprinted board to the user inputed number if all the row, column, box test pass as true.

2. My code (soduko solver) does not recognize when a user input should be added to a blank space, and passes to “Cant’t Add Number to Board” incorrectly. Also having a hard time adding print statement “board solved” when solved file added (though the program does end user prompt).


A few side notes:


***I use Python 2.7 which has some syntax differences from 3.x (e.g. raw_input vs. input).

***There are several test soduko boards included in the .zip that must work (Also in directions .pdf)


If you think you can tackle this, please message me.


Best, J.B.