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PPT Presentation.


(((( Teams are to conduct research on a current global supply chain issue found in the business media and present your findings on Assignments using a PowerPoint presentation. The requirements for this project are:

1. Instructor will assign teams

2. The group should choose a team leader.  The team leader will make assignments and post the group’s work on Assignments when the project is completed.  NOTE:  Only the team leader will post the assignment for the team  The instructor will assign grades to each team member.  The team leader is to note the group members that participated on the project.  The topic should be selected from one of the chapters in the text, approved by the instructor and the articles used in the PPT should be directly related to the topic chosen from the text.  You should have a minimum of 5 current articles from the business media.

3. Length is 5 – 6 slides not including charts, graphs, pictures and etc. unless imbedded on the slides. 

4. Each slide should have no more than 5 bullet points and each bullet should be no more than two sentences.

6.  You are encouraged to use mathematical tools (survey results, comparison/contrast tables/graphs and etc.) to report results.

The PowerPoint project will count 30% of the semester grade.))))


my part is to talk about [ warehousing and distribution ]


The importance and types of warehouses 

Risk pooling and warehouse location 


lean warehousing