Power point and discussion | Information Systems homework help

 For the last part of the project, make a Power Point presentation for the Final Project. Please include at least five references in the slides  

 The presentation should summarize the detailed description of the  project. Assume that your audience has already read the detailed  description document from Part 2. 

 All references should be included . 

. ——————————————————— PART 2 

discuss the application  domain with respect to current technology and discuss how you would  actually turn your ideas into an opportunity to innovate with the use of  technology.

Summarize how you would  propose to make that happen, how you would become an innovation force.  For your comment posts, interact with the class in the same way, add,  enhance and encourage innovation, become an enabler of innovation. for McDonald. This is just a discussions .  Maybe 1-3 paragraphs