Philosophy- ethical reasoning | Philosophy homework help

Complete Readings 16 and 17 (pages 115-123).

This reading introduces you to a third ethical theory: Virtue theory.  Virtue theory is different from the other two for many reasons; the  main reason is that it focuses on the nature of the person who acts,  rather than on the results of the action (utilitarianism) or the nature  of the action itself (Kant/deontology). Using one of the cases for this  week (these can be found on the home page, under Week #3). 

In three  paragraphs, show (1) how a utilitarian would respond to your case, (2)  how a Kantian would respond to your case, and (3) how a Virtue theorist  would respond to your case. Do NOT simply give an answer; explain how  applying the theory would lead someone to a decision.