Overview: this assignment will provide an opportunity to further


This assignment will provide an opportunity to further develop the skills you have been practicing since the beginning of the semester (crafting arguable, specific, forceful thesis statements; employing fluid, sound organizational strategies; and providing convincing, credible, support), analyzing the literary context of the piece you choose.


Assignment Details:

Watch your movie multiple times, with a special eye looking for the underlining message presented or even the representation one item plays within the movie.  Consider the questions asked on the I, Robot handout.  These questions can be used a base for types of questions you can ask about the film you choose.


This paper should fall between 4-5 pages in length, however, if you choose to look at the overall theme of the movie and view the film from a holistic viewpoint, your paper should fall between 5-7 pages.  If you look at the film as a whole, attempting to analyze each aspect of it, it will allow for more analysis rather than if you are only looking at one aspect of the film and relating it to the overall theme. (In I, Robot his shoes can be considered one aspect of the film which can be related to the overall theme, versus if you look at the overall theme and then show different parts of the film which can relate back to it.  All of this is dependent on your thesis statement).


Also, this assignment requires that you utilize 4 outside resources which are authoritative.  You can use imdb.com (Internet Movie Database), but this will not count as one of your authoritative sources.  Many books are available regarding film analysis, and several of them are available as e-books as well.


Again, consider the questions on the I, Robot handout.  The questions which were specific to I, Robot should help you to think of and create questions for your own topic.  Then, obviously the questions that were asked regarding “movies in general” need to be asked regarding the film you choose.


Do not forget to look at:



Who is the writer of the film? Has the screenplay been adapted from another work?

Who is the director?

When was the film made?

Grading and Submission Guidelines

All drafts and the final this paper should be typed, double-spaced, and Times New Roman 12 font. The final draft should fall between 4-5 pages in length (or 5-7 if you chose to look at the film holistically).


*Film Analysis Outline (04 E Outline): Due 4/14

*Film Analysis Final Draft (04 E FD): Due 4/28

There is no instructor draft for this piece.


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