Organizational design | Management homework help

This week, we learned about organizational design. This allowed you to identify different characteristics of your organization. To apply this knowledge, identify an organization you are familiar with and which you answer the following questions:

  1. Identify an organization.
  2. Describe the organization and the industry.
  3. Explain all the elements of the organizational design in that organization.
    1. Work specialization
    2. Departmentalization
    3. Chain of command
    4. Span of control
    5. Centralization/decentralization
    6. Formalization
  4. Determine whether the organization has a mechanistic or an organic structure.
  5. Identify all the organizational design options the organization follows.
    1. Functional structure
    2. Divisional structure
    3. Matrix
  6. Present a suggestion to improve the organization design.

Length should be one to three pages; title page and reference page do not count in the total number of pages