Organisation and social dimension | Computer Science homework help

please read it properly you need to answer three questions length doesn’t matter i have attached the text book for sections.

 1. Consider the case of the restaurant server fired for her social media post about a customer (). What factors would you consider in deciding if the firing was reasonable? How would you compare this case with others mentioned in ?


2. Describe two new uses that might be made of the E-Verify system described in the box in . Indicate their advantages and disadvantages briefly.

3. Which of the following models do you think would produce very accurate results? Which do you think would be less reliable? Give your reasons.

  1. A model developed by a team of mathematicians in 1895, using projections of population growth, economic growth, and traffic increase, to project the tonnage of horse droppings on the city streets in 1995
  2. A model to predict the effect of an income tax change on government revenue
  3. A model to predict the position of the moon in relation to the earth 30 years from now
  4. A model to predict how much optical fiber a major city will need 30 years from now
  5. A model to predict how much carbon dioxide the burning of fossil fuel for energy will emit worldwide 30 years from now
  6. A model to predict the speed of a new racing-boat hull design under specified wind conditions
  7. A model to project temperature increase and sea level rise over the next several centuries from a quadrupling of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere (which the model assumes would happen in 140 years)