Objective: create a c++ console

 Objective: Create a C++ console application that can analyze numeric data contained in an single-dimension array of type integer.


Create a new Visual Studio project and source code file.
Copy and paste the code below into a source code file.
Add the following functions to your program:
Sum – return a sum of all of the data in the array
CountNmbrsBigger – return a count of the number of data elements in the array that are larger than a given integer
Average – returns an average of the data in an array
High – returns the highest value in the array
Low –returns the lowest value in the array
Find(number) – returns the first index of the location of the number in the array
Test your class by creating a main function and an array with 10 numbers, invoking each function and displaying the results to the screen.
Use the following prototype definition in the creation of your functions: