Managing crisis and response to nbc incidents – post 2

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In the book titled “The Dead Volcano: The Background and Effects of Nuclear War Complacency”, it goes over the “misreading of history and on unsound political and military analysis”. This is important due in part of the ever-changing world and it’s stance on the use of nuclear capabilities by nuclear capable countries. While the stance on how governments work when it comes to the use of nuclear weapons, they are utilized more as a deterrent than an actual weapon of war, it is when a rouge country or a terrorist organization becomes complied to use such a weapon to achieve their goal. The vulnerabilities that we face today are greater now than ever before due to the current tensions in the Middle East. In Chapter 5 titled “Nuclear Weapons and U.S.-Russian Arms Control”, goes over the dispute between these two superpowers along with the Middle Eastern countries that were in between these disputes

While the Cold War is long in our past now, the threat is still real from the events that have taken place during that time.  It is important to remember that the Cold War, while a success, the fact that six nuclear weapons were lost, just by the U.S. should always be a concern. Talks of a second Cold War have already started to begin, with the topic being about the U.S. and China entering the second portion of the Cold War.

With tensions between China and the United States reaching a point of no return, it is important to remember that we have a relationship with China when it comes to everyday commodities, the issues start to arise when the military starts to overreach its authority regarding territory. As we have witnessed this week, a training mission taking place in Taiwan, was meet with backlash from the Chinese Government, couple that with the issues that the World faced with COVID-19, the U.S. getting involved with the placement of artificial islands outside of the normal zones, tensions are only growing.

When this book was written, the writer did not experience what we were facing today however, we can relate to what happened during the first Cold Wat to what we can except to happen if a Second Cold War was to happen. With the threat of China possibly moving into the Afghanistan region, now that the U.S. is gone, countries that harbor terrorism can soon have access to nuclear capabilities with no repercussions on how they use that system. Everyone must keep a watchful eye on what is taking place behind the scenes, take note of what happened during the first Cold War and compare if in fact we are on the break of another Cold War taking place within our lifetime.

I hope this meets the intent of this week’s topic. I have to say that this topic was a bit difficult to write about.