Introduction discussion board | Criminal homework help


The purpose of this assignment is to introduce yourself to your Instructor (Mr. Alward) for the course as well as your fellow classmates.  

For this assignment you will compose and post a paragraph to the “Introduction Discussion Board” to introduce yourself. Your introductory post will be one full paragraph, be written in complete sentences, and use correct punctuation and grammar. If you simply list the requested information you will not receive full credit. Your paragraph should, at minimum, include the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Year (e.g., first semester freshman, second semester junior)
  • Major
  • Area(s) of interest (e.g., corrections, policing, courts)
  • Whether you plan to attend graduate /or law school.
  • One thing you like to do for fun
  • Favorite band or genre of music
  • What are you excited for about this course

i will dm my information