Interactive timeline (rough draft) | English homework help

please look at each attach paper carefully

if you are still confuse i also attch a paper that give you an example how the timeline rough draft should look like. if you have any question please inbox me couple days before the paper is due.


Rough Draft


You will submit a rough draft of your project, listing at least 10 significant events.


You must include the following for each event:


  • The title of the event
  • The year(s) of the event
  • A summary (25 to 50 words) of the event
  • An image that represents the event
  • A caption that labels the image
  • The URL of the image chosen


This assignment should be submitted in a Word document so your instructor can comment on the content.


Hint: Although this assignment is to be completed in Word, it would be best to complete the first 10 items of your timeline on Tiki-Toki to ensure you know how to use the software program. Include a reference page with a minimum of two sources in addition to your textbook and format them in APA 6th-edition style.


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