Green computing project i have added the files needed


There are ten parts to this assessment. Each part coincides with a project management knowledge area. Each part has multiple tasks. For example, Part 1: Project Integration Management has five associated tasks. Part 2: Project Scope Management has four associated tasks.

Each task will yield a deliverable. For example, Part 1: Task 1 asks you to begin the project by researching green computing and writing a short paper. Task 2 asks you to complete a decision matrix. Many of these tasks will require the use templates located in a link below.

Complete each task associated with each part of the case study. There are 10 parts with a total of 36 tasks to complete.

Once you have completed all tasks, you will prepare the completed deliverables for submission and assessment.

Prepare a document that combines all tasks completed into a single, cohesive representation of your work. Follow APA guidelines for preparing a title page, table of contents, and page numbering. Identify each part and task with appropriate headings and sub-headings. The key to a successful submission is a cohesive document. Imagine reading a book with different fonts, headings, margins, etc. It would be confusing and awkward. The final submission, although created as multiple, individual documents, should be presented as one single document. Add transitions as needed to support this goal.