Follow description and the pages on the attachments (hessah)

Teacher Prompt: Please look at your textbook on terrorism and pick an essay/chapter to agree with or disagree with.  Back up your argument with the 4 articles and 1 interview.  Make sure to have a reference page at the end of your essay that has one primary resource (text book) and two secondary sources.  


I need 3 pagesAPA Format argumentative essay intro, three bodies, opposing viewpoint, and conclusion. Regarding the essay pages from the text book (page 182-187) 

The book I took from these pages name Contemporary Debates on Terrorism, and the teacher want us to choice one essay and to write weather we agree or disagree.

I choice chapter 3 question:  can state be terrorist? 


And the writer answer: NO :  State terrorism : who needs it? 



3 PAGES ESSAY ( FOLLLOW structure on the outline) 


source in the end