• findings. present the main themes emerging from the conversation.

 I meant choose a topic you want to write on, so you can let me know by Friday or anytime before Friday?

4. Research Assignment (90pts):

Topic (5pts) Due Week 1;

Part I: Research Paper (35pts) Due Week 3;

Part II: Power Point Presentation (50pts) Due Week 7.

The purpose of this assignment is for students to practice standards of cultural competence, including enhancing awareness and building knowledge about a social issue impacting a specific cultural minority group. Students will achieve this by identifying and researching a topic of interest and interviewing a cultural informant, and by reviewing and posting to Discussion Board their review of three presentations. Cultural group selection should be different than one’s own cultural identity or affiliation.

Part 1 and 2 – Topic Paper 1 Due Week 1 (5pts); Research Paper 2 Due Week 3 (35pts)

For the first part of the assignment, the Topic Paper, write a 300 word paper about an issue of your interest that affects a specific cultural group. Remember that the group cultural group should be different than your own.


Examples of topics for exploration are (you may choose others):

• The intersection of identities (e.g., Latino/a culture and feminism; Providing social services to multiple Asian American communities; Traditional American Indian spiritual beliefs and practices and the New Age Movement; African Americans Civil Rights and gays and lesbians’ rights);

• The intersection of a minority group with public policies or the dominant culture (e.g., multiracial identity and rules of hypodescent; American Indians and child welfare policies; American Indian burial rights, the media, language issues; Mexican Americans and immigration and/or labor policies; African Americans and an Afrocentric social work curriculum, the press, the justice system, social class; Latinos and Affirmative Action, bilingual education);

• Inner-group current issues (e.g., American Indian Spirituality and Counseling, Mexican Americans and Immigration Issues, women and the labor force, the effects of HIV/AIDS in the gay and the African American communities; transracial adoptions and gay marriage; using language interpreters in counseling: ethical issues; suicide in Asian American communities).

To complete the second part of this assignment, the literature review, you will need to conduct a literature search. The paper will be evaluated on how you, the writer, are able to review and synthesize the existing literature on the topic.

Your literature review paper needs to be between 5-8 pages long. Include a separate cover page and a references page following the Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed.) specifications. Title page and reference page(s) are NOT included in required page count.

The contents of this paper should follow this outline:

• Cover page. Including the title of the paper, your name, the course title, and the date

• Abstract. Please place the abstract on its own page.

• Introduction. Briefly introduce the cultural group you are writing about. Define the issue/strength/challenge you are exploring. Introduce your research question or interest topic. Explain how and why you aim to advance knowledge about it, why is the topic significant.

• Theoretical approach. Present the theoretical perspective you are taking to study the phenomenon (see text Chapters 5 & 7). For example you may decide to approach your study using a resiliency, systems, or an ecological approach. Explain how this approach will guide your research and inform your research question.

• Literature review. Provide background information about the group and the social issue by summarizing relevant and current published literature on the topic. Provide a summary of the “state of knowledge” (what is known and reported in the professional literature) regarding your research question. Identify any contradictions between research findings and possible gaps in the literature. Connect the existing research to your proposed study; restate your research question.

• Professional development. To conclude your paper, please describe how this experience enhanced your development as a culturally grounded social worker. How will you continue to enhance your learning about the cultural group described?

• Reference page. Prepare a separate page with the referencesyou cited (at least 5, not including textbook). Please follow the APA Manual guidelines. Use only professional journalsand book citations.

Part 3: Power Point Presentation (50pts) Due Week 7

This is a continuation of the Research Paper (Part 1 and 2) and provides you with a chance to present to your peers what you learned about your chosen topic from your research paper (Part I) and you will have an opportunity to conduct an interview with a cultural informant.

You will have a conversation with one (or more) member(s) of the identity group you are studying. Please note that you may not have this conversation with a client, former client, family member, incarcerated person, or anyone under the age of 18. In the conversation, you may explore some aspects of racial relations, cultural differences, or power differences. Establish an honest conversation about what it is like to be American (or immigrant or refugee) from different vantage points of power; to understand the ideas of the other person on some issue, and honestly offer yours.

Be aware that sometimes people perceived as “experts” either resent the label of “experts” or are tired of having to educate others for free on areas of their perceived or real expertise. One purpose of this assignment, whatever your identity might be, is for you to initiate a dialogue very much needed in the U.S. in general, and in Social Work in particular, a dialogue in which both parties together search for answers to the pervasive issues related to racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation or ability status inequality. We suggest that both participants in the dialogue come out as winners and partners in this journey of mutual awareness. We suggest that you do not force yourself on anyone, but respectfully ask and simply invite a chat.

Please note: To assure accurate representation you are encouraged to audio record the interview. In order to receive credit for this assignment, you will need to submit one of the following: 1) an audio, or 2) detailed written transcript of the interview. Please assure the interviewee(s) that such content will be kept confidential and will only be accessed by the instructor. Please review the Consent for Interview form provided with your interviewee(s), and submit the signed copy in the link provided when you submit your recording or transcript.

The 20 slide MAX Power Point Presentation should contain the following:

• Introduction: An overview of the issue you selected, why you selected it and a summary of what you discovered in your research from the first paper.

• Procedures. Explain how you went about selecting/identifying the person to have the conversation with and how, when and where did you conduct the conversation. Explain how you examined and analyzed the information you collected.

• Findings. Present the main themes emerging from the conversation. Explain the importance of the selected issue [from an emic perspective] in the life of the group/community based on the interview with the “expert” informant.

• Discussion. Connect and compare the findings from your conversation with the existing literature you summarized in your research paper. Were there contradictions between your two sources of information and/or with your preconceived ideas about the phenomenon? Share your personal insights. Did you learn anything new based on your literature review and/or the conversation with the expert informant?

• Implications. Discuss implications for social work practice/research/policy. How can we apply your findings to our work