Essay2 | Criminal homework help


write a paper that provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts and how they are related.

Submit a 1,000 to 1,500-word paper in which you address the following:

Provide the formal definitions of deviance and criminality. How might the characteristics and qualifications of deviance differ based on context? Use an example to illustrate your point. (250–300 words)

Explain how the following predictors factor into crime and/or deviance: age, sex or gender, and economic status. (250–300 words)

Explain how definitions of deviance and crime are applied in contemporary society compared to 25 and 50 years ago. Use specific examples. (250–300 words)

Explain why society accepts the criminalization of certain behaviors but not of others. Explain why the perception of deviance or criminality may not be equally applied. (For example, how does wealth or status affect society’s perspective on this issue?) (300 words)

Identify one crime and one behavior that are currently considered deviant. Explain how, as a law enforcement professional, you would address each of these now and how you would have addressed them 25 years ago. Support your explanation by referencing the reading in this week. (250–300 words)


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The Relativity of Deviance, 4th Edition by Curra, J. Copyright 2016 by Sage College. Reprinted by permission of Sage College via the Copyright Clearance Center.