E-commerce assignment | Marketing homework help

In Part A you will analyze an existing e-commerce website, providing insight into the nature of the business, its business model, approach, technologies, etc. In addition, you will comment on user interface and interaction, site design, security, site optimization, etc. and offer recommendations to improve any potential issues you might discover. 

  1. Pick a business or company that is related to your personal preferences or interests, has received recent publicity, has demonstrated innovativeness regarding their business model, or has otherwise stood out for some reason.

    Please note:
    Do not choose any of the following: Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Baidu, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Taobao, Walmart, LinkedIn, Instagram, Alibaba/AliExpress, any social media site, Google, PayPal, any airline, and Starbucks.
    The reason for this is that these EC websites are very complex and not easily manageable for the detailed analysis we are looking for. There are also a lot of analyses of these websites published already. You are much better off with a smaller EC website where you can really explore the details.

  2. Analyze your chosen e-commerce business/company.
    Use the that you completed in Module 9 as a starting point and guide to assessing the firm. It provides you with helpful ideas of what you should be looking at while analyzing a website. Feel free to add and expand on the suggested sections and questions.
    Identify the EC business models that the e-commerce business is applying and comment on the strength and appropriateness of the model for what the firm is doing.
    Look for details, including but not limited to, Vision/Mission, Industry Information, Business Strategies, and Financial Performance (where available), Industry Developments, and Future Outlook.
    Do NOT engage in any primary research such as talking to people, doing interviews, and conducting surveys. These are all methods 
  3. of primary data collection, and all primary research at universities needs clearance from the university’s ethics committee. Therefore, only secondary research is allowed for this project. Please only collect and use data that was previously collected by somebody else, for statistical purposes, published research articles etc.
    Research multiple sources online and/or offline, and cite all sources to avoid plagiarism.
  4. Write a report of your analysis of the e-commerce business.
    Write a final report of your analysis of the e-commerce business below a 4000 word maximum, ideally formatted in 11pt font, and with 1 inch margins. Refer to and as a guide.