Do you agree with the official definition of the poverty rate?

Do you agree with the official definition of the poverty rate? Should it consider more than just one criterion, e.g., income? Is $11,945 an appropriate amount to support a family of 4? Also consider/address post below:

I am more inclined to disagree with the official definition of the poverty rate. There are far more factors involved than just the income of a person. Every area in the country has different economic policies and different standards of living. This is a chart comparing individual cities in the country. The cities each have different price indexes for what one would spend on housing (either purchasing or in this case of a person living on $11,945/year, renting), utilities, food, health care, and other costs. Each individual person has expenditures and needs that can take up most of that income without leaving anything for other basic needs. This article,, summarizes this fact while highlighting a few others. Urban households had greater incomes but also greater expenditures. One flat rate of $11,945 will not incorporate everybody. Running the numbers just for Gainesville, FL according to my own research when I was apartment hunting, the lowest one bedroom apartments I found were $500 per month. Utilities run, without added garbage pickup or natural gas, about $100. And if a person did not own a car, which means no insurance, gas, nor maintenance, they could take the bus and get a daily pass for $3 per day, which adds up to $60 per month just to get around. The flat rate of $23,283 for a family of four has the same inaccuracies as the definition for a single person with the added expenses per person and children.