Discussion board 1 – signs/sx of stress

Discussion Board 1 – Signs/Sx of Stress

Using the Class Poll “The Culprits,” select three (3) causes of stress different from the ones you indicated. Start a discussion thread labeled with the 3 stressors you chose (ex: FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS, COLLEGE PROGRAM, MAJOR LIFE CHANGES). In your discussion, describe the signs and symptoms you would expect to find in a patient experiencing these types of stressors. What questions would you ask the patient in order to assess his/her situation in a non-judgemental and therapeutic way?

Reply to two (2) classmates with two (2) suggested Relaxation Techniques (can be from ones we discuss in this course or alternatives you find helpful). Briefly explain why you chose these techniques.

Initial Posts: 1 initial post, 250-500 words, at least one academic reference,