Data analysis project | Economics homework help

All of the peer-reviewed articles for this assignment used publicly available data. Each group will be responsible for finding and acquiring the publicly available data as a necessary step in the data analysis project, providing real-world data acquisition experience to the group. Using Excel, each group should first examine the data to ensure an understanding of the data.  This is a vital step since mistakes can be easily made if you don’t understand the foundations and limitations of your dataset. Each group should then seek to go beyond what was initially accomplished by the original article by conducting their own data analysis based upon sound theory. This can include using additional data and alternative estimation methods, among other possibilities. Students will submit the Excel file used, including the data, graphs, and analysis output. Students may use another statistical software package if desired (e.g. SAS, STATA, SPSS), but must still submit all files. 

Please submit you PowerPoint files with audio embedded here.  The presentations should be a max of 20 minutes in duration, and should only be in PowerPoint format