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Dance Education Overview

            The educational organization to that selected for this project is New York Kids’ Club. The reason, to work with New York Kids’ Club, is that teachers can provide performance dance education and dance video programs that no other staffs and organizations are offering in this New York or other states. Children can try new dance programs and challenged themselves with dance program they never learned or taken before in their relationship at the New York Kids Club and other organizations. Students can explore in several formats of performance in dance education, perform in different dance performances and help grow the organization. New York Kids’ Club business established by Tina Olivia Edwards in 2001. Mrs. Edwards is a mother of four children that developed an enrichment center for ages two months to 12 years old for all cultures and races. This organization offers programs in art, dance; combo classes, French, Fitness, Cooking, Theatre and Science subject areas. New York Kids’ Club (2008-2015) states, “These educational organizations offered these afterschool programs in 10 locations and five locations in China state. The medium community income ranged from $19,000.00 to $45,000.00 annual salaries” (New York Kids’ Club, 2008-2015). By having an MBA and soon a Master’s of Education, this organization may offer higher salaries over $45,000.00 for certain employees. It is very important to understand the past and present of educational organizations in order to determine whether or not they are using the same materials and programs, but using new materials and programs.


                                              History including the Past and Present of Dance Education

            Educational Organizations change education for Pre-K to College and non-school people from the past to the present time. New York Kids’ Club founded in the year of 2001 in New York, NY. Klerides (2014) believed, “Teaching history in the regional context and developing new approaches to teaching the history of countries on the basis of mutual respect” (Klerides, 2014, p.20).  Even since New York Kids’ Club has opened, no changes other than opening different locations. They opened at Williamsburg, then Beijing, China and later New York City. Other changes include hiring different employment opportunities in different afterschool activities ay New York Kids’ Club.  This organization should offer dance programs for ages 10-12 including dance video programs.  Overall, there should be changes in the organization of the dance programs.

             Bonbright and McGreevy-Nichols (2012) believes, “Representatives from each of the four art forms write a short article that would envision the teaching of their art form at the turn of the next century in 2099.  They wrote two articles for dance in the U.S. education system for all children had equal access to quality dance arts education regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, interest, or ability” (Bonbright and McGreevy-Nichols, 2012, p.147). New York Kids’ Club has been very successful over the past 14 years. They are rated almost one of the top rating educational organization wit a 4.9 out of 5 rating score in this case. This situation means everyone involved in this organization has excellent experience in work with New York Kids’ Club and advised others to try their services. In fact, New York Kids’ Club promotes a demo video on people’s testimony about their experience at this educational organization. Because of them being a good organization, there reward is to becoming a popular organization, which helps their business growth and maybe be able to offer more programs. Bonbright and McGreevy-Nichols (2012) states, “The number of P–12 schools teach dance as an artistic discipline.  Many states have dance certification and dance arts standards in place, and a whole new generation of highly qualified dance educators are emerging from fine arts dance programs trained in teaching dance. These individuals live the artistic processes of creating, performing and critically analyzing dance. They are innately connected to dance through twenty-first-century skills, work and life” (Bonbright and McGreevy-Nichols, 2012, p.147).


            The best two technology used from Horizon Report is notebook computers and phones. Kipling Brown (2014) states, “The intrinsic value of the arts in the professional, educational and recreational settings. The impact and application of new technologies became popular to fine art expressions” (Kipling, 2014, p.184). For notebook computers, such as table computers are easier to management than laptop because they are light weighted computers than laptops.  For phones, such as smartphones are also popular that most organization in this world today. Both of these technology products can be used for education, personal and work purposes. These products can also be used to record events, such as instructional and performance video presentations. Each event advertised on the New York Kids’ Club website and can website, for example. Technology also included advertising and marketing strategies to promote this organization. New York Kids’ Club advertised and marketed their organization on the Internet and video advertising plus marketing to promote their services online customers. Then, NYC Kids’ Club promotes their company using direct mail marketing for public communities to increase customer awareness about their services.