Brain and nervous system presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation (9-12 slides) that outlines the basic functions of the brain and nervous system. Be sure to address the following issues in your presentation:

  1. Brain: Illustrate the major lobes of the brain as well as the areas in the sub-cortex. A brief description of the function of each component should be included.
  • Show the gross anatomy of the brain.
  • Show both the neurons and various types of glial cells.
  • Identify the structure of a neuron.
  1. Nervous System: Illustrate the major components of the nervous system (Central/Peripheral, Autonomic/Somatic, and Sympathetic/Parasympathetic). Also, include the basic functions of each section, along with the basic functions of neurons.
  • Show the gross anatomy of the nervous system
  • Show synaptic transmission
  • Explain what happens to cells during an action potential

You are required to use a minimum of two to four scholarly resources