The accounting cycle and journal entries dp

You will answer questions about the accounting cycle and prepare general journal entries. Introduction Have you looked at the balance sheet or income statement of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, or Facebook? What is their cash situation? How much profit are they making? What is their stock price? Investors and market participants examine such […]

Functional behavior assessment (fba) | EDUC 623 – Principles of Behavior Management | Liberty University

PART 1: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) During the course of your educational journey, you will encounter students who exhibit behavior that impedes the teaching/learning process. After trying unsuccessful strategies, a functional behavior assessment may be necessary. The primary goal of the FBA is to identify the purpose of the inappropriate or impeding behavior. One important […]

1.consider the following function. f(x) = 3×4 + 9×2 + 6 (a) find

1.Consider the following function. f(x) = 3×4 + 9×2 + 6 (a) Find the zeros algebraically. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If there are no real zeros, enter DNE.) x = 2.Consider the following function. f(x) = x4 − 8×3 + 17×2 − 8x + 16 (a) Find all zeros of the […]


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