Assignment length: two summaries of 9–12 sentences each weight: this

 Assignment length: Two summaries of 9–12 sentences each Weight: This assignment is worth 10% of your grade. You will notice that various assignments in this course require you to begin with an essay from the textbook. Please use a different essay to work on for each assignment. Instructions Choose one essay from list A and another essay from list B below. (All essays are in the textbook. Use the index at the back of the book to find essay page numbers.) Remember, you may only choose an essay once. Write two short summaries of no more than twelve sentences each, one on your List A choice and one on your List B choice. End each summary with a Works Cited or a References page. Go to the Unit 4 lesson for a sample of a citation from Acting on Words in both APA and MLA format. Use the examples to generate your own Works Cited or References for the summary assignment. Write your summary in present tense. Keep your tone neutral because a summary should not reflect your opinion. Give each summary a title. Double space your summaries. Upload your assignment through the assignment drop box on the course home page. List A – Expository Essay Choices List B – Argumentative Essay Choices “Newfoundlandese, If You Please,” by Diane Mooney “Enough Already, It’s Time to Decriminalize Prostitution,” by Patty Kelly (Note: AOW incorrectly uses ″We″ instead of ″to″) “A Scientific State of Mind,” by Jane Jacobs “What We Are Fighting For,” by Rex Murphy “I Was a Teenage Hijabe Hockey Player,” by Shema Khan “The Environmental Crisis: The Devil is in the Generalities,” by Ross McKitrick “The American Character,” by Morris Berman “A Solution to the Climate Problem,” by James Hansen “Murderous Martyrdom: Religion or Politics,” by Karen Armstrong “The Ways of Meeting Oppression,” by Martin Luther King, Jr.