Acct 621 – winter 2021 final exam written component

 With the opening of UCW’s new downtown Vancouver House, you are to provide an  investment recommendation on a 2,000 square foot open space on the retail floor of the  campus. The use of space will be at your discretion and is to be written for the Board of  Directors of UCW. You may, for example, determine that the best use of space is a café,  tutoring classes, or cross-fit franchise, among others. You are to put together a limited  business case, and assemble figures (ie., revenues, costs, # of customers, etc) based on your  market assessment. You may use the assignments completed in this course as a guide, and  bring concepts from your other courses and work experiences into the analysis (eg., SWOT  analysis). Particular emphasis on the business case should be on cost-volume-profit analysis and as assessment of the various capital budgeting techniques introduced in this course.  Marks will be allocated for originality, depth of analysis and formatting/ presentation of  your work. The course rubric will also be a guide for grading. Please include an executive  summary, calculations of your work, assumptions made, sources for your estimates (if any),  relevant pro-forma income statements and cashflows, and conclusion. The analysis should be submitted via email in word/pdf form within 24 hours and ideally no  more than 10 – 15 pages in length. As suggested, please use the previous assignments and  the business case introduced in class as a guide for your work. Late submissions will be  deducted marks consistent with UCW policy. This question is to be completed individually  with plagiarism resulting in a zero grade and possible additional repercussions as per UCW  policy. This study source was downloaded by 100000828536365 from on 06-28-2021 12:17:49 GMT -05:00 This study resource was