A market sells eggs at $1.90 per dozen, milk at $1.47 per quart

a. A market sells eggs at $1.90 per dozen, milk at $1.47 per quart, and bread at $2.12 per loaf. Use a combo box to allow the user to select an item, and a text box for the user to input the quantity desired. Include an Order button to allow the user to order the specified quantity of the selected item. When the user presses the Order button, a description and the total cost of the order should appear in the form.
b. Allow the user to order more than one type of food. Each time the user presses the order button, describe the purchase. Add a Total button, and when the user presses this button, display the total prices of all items ordered.
This solution submission template must be used. The “deliverable” is a Word document that includes:
1. Zip file of all VS project files so that it could be loaded and run in another VS
2. A copy of the source code
3. Screenshot of the output
4. Explanation how one would arrive at the presented solution