PSYC 406 Week 8 Final Exam (100% Answer) Question 1 of 43 Limitations of the Minami et al. Forum 1 journal article called for caution in interpretation of the results. True False Question 2 of 43

PSYC 406 Week 8 Final Exam (100% Answer)

Question 1 of 43

Limitations of the Minami et al. Forum 1 journal article called for caution in interpretation of the results.



Question 2 of 43

According to the list of psychiatric disorders provided in the DSM-IV-TR PowerPoint material, a Mood Disorder is diagnosed on:

A.Axis I

B.Axis II

C.Axis III

D.Axis IV

Question 3 of 43

The terms “adaptive” and “maladaptive” refer to:

A.statistical occurence of behaviors

B.conditions for detaining mentally ill patients

C.strict legal definitions of mental illness

D.effectiveness or ineffectivenss of a person’s behavior

Question 4 of 43

The statistical concept of psychopathology holds that:

A.frequently occurring behaviors in a society are considered normal.

B.infrequently occurring behaviors in a society are normal.

C.Western constructs of psychopathology are considered valid across cultures

D.frequently occurring behaviors in a society might be considered abnormal

Question 5 of 43

The concept that psychopathology is an abstract idea that is not scientifically constructed is known as:

A.A legal model of disease contructivism

C.Methods of balancing dysfunctional humours in the body

D.The “Harmful Dysfunction” model.

Question 6 of 43

According to Mittal and Walker (2007), neurocircuitry implicated in psychotic symptoms may be shared by:

A.circuits controlling heart rate

B.circuits controlling dyskinetic movement

C.circuits controlling hearing

D.circuits controlling speech

Question 7 of 43

The cultural dimension of psychopathology:

A.points out the variability of mental illness manifestations.

B.assumes changing brain chemistry through pharmacology as a treatment for psychopathology

C.assumes brain structure anomaly as a factor in psychopathology

D.All of the above

Question 8 of 43

According to the course text, the term “race”:

A.regards everything in our inner world as originating from our relationship with our biological mother.

B.addresses questions of personal authenticity

C.may be considered an outdated term

D.None of the above

Question 9 of 43

The most convenient data for analysis of prevalence rates of a particular psychiatric disorder are obtained: conducting unbiased experiments. contacting people by phone clinical settings using prison population samples

Question 10 of 43

According to the course text, an indicator of the brain’s complexity is: consists of about 100 billion neurons

B.each neuron has around 1000 connections

C.mechanistic psychological structures

D.some brains have transient processes and others do not

Question 11 of 43

Treating a symptom effectively does not imply

A.Using ECT therapies as a first choice

B.Always administering medications for all mental disorders

C.the cause of the symptom is being treated

D.All of the above

Question 12 of 43

According to the authors of the journal article for Forum 3, recipients of social support are often:

A.worse off

B.better off



Question 13 of 43

According to the course text, rat pups receiving more “mothering” develop stress response systems that produce ___________ levels of _____________ in response to stress.

A.higher; dopamine

B.normal; thyroidol

C.lower; acetylcholinase

D.lower; adrenal hormones

Question 14 of 43

In psychological testing, the term “validity” refers to:

A.negative predictive power of test scores by theory and evidence

C.consistency of measurement

D.positive predictive power

Question 15 of 43

Assessing psychopathology is an event fraught with:

A.bias and error

B.anxiety and agitation in subjects

C.frustration of examiners hardship for test developers

Question 16 of 43

According to the authors of Forum 4 (Week 5) journal article:

A.PD and GAD are the same thing

B.GAD is rare

C.PD occurs more frequently thant GAD

D.GAD and PD are common and costly

Question 17 of 43

The analysis completed by Siev and Chambless (Forum 4 Week 5) suggests:

A.CT and RT effect similar changes in the areas of general anxiety

B.CT is superior to RT in areas of general anxiety

C.RT is ineffective in the areas of general anxiety

D.CT is ineffective in treating general anxiety

Question 18 of 43

Anxiety disorder theory derives from: causation, sociological perspectives, existential development

B.medical, bio-medical, disease-like states

C.critical theory, social deviance, material life values; critical mass; social causation

Question 19 of 43

Depression is recognized as a __________ with fears of a _______________ among researchers.

A.women’s disease; resurgence in men phenomenon; complete cure

C.public health concern; depression epidemic.

D.genetic anomaly; misdiagnosis

Question 20 of 43

Compare and contrast oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder.

Question 21 of 43

The link between and ____________ and ________________ has been recognized for centuries.

A.poor mothering; Type A personality disorder

B.adverse environments; depression

C.severe stress disorder; secure atttachment

D.All of the above

Question 22 of 43

The most commonly observed Axis II disorder in adulthood ADHD is:

A.borderline personality disorder

B.antisocial personality disorder

C.narcissistice personality disorder

D.sociopathic personality disorder

Question 23 of 43

Sayal (1989) notes that the poor are often identified as:

A.cultural deviants

B.mentally ill

C.socially inept

D.culturally deprived

Question 24 of 43

Positive symptoms of schizophrenia might include:

A.high levels of motivation

B.delusions and hallucinations

C.anhedonia and flattened affect

D.religious convictions

Question 25 of 43

The prevalence of personality disorders in clinical settings is estimated to be:




D.50% +

Question 26 of 43

A primary goal of in the journal article for Forum 5 was to examine interrater validity of ADHD subtypes in adults in relation to patterns of comorbidity.




Question 27 of 43

The study that is the subject of Forum #6 sought to clarify the validity of ADHD in adults by examining _____________ of impairment and _____________ among Axis I and Axis II.

A.predictors; subtype differences

B.clusters; controls

C.subtype similarities; predictors

D.subtype differences; comorbidity

Question 28 of 43

A common misconception concerning personality disorders is that they are _______________.

Question 29 of 43

Personality disorders may be thought of as extreme variants of certain personality dimensions.



Question 30 of 43

The term “psychopath” now refers to:

A.serial killers

B.sociopathic liars

C.extreme ASPD

D.cognitive and social dissonance syndrome

Question 31 of 43

Disorders usually first diagnosed in infancy, childhood or adolescence can be found on/in: playgrounds

B.most families

C.Axis I

D.Axis II

Question 32 of 43

The most difficult personality disorder to treat is:





Question 33 of 43

An individual with and excessive and pervasive need to be taken care of leading to submissiveness, clinging, and fear of separation might be diagnosed with:

A.Schizotypal PD


C.Dependent PD


Question 34 of 43

Somatization is relatively ________________ in the general health system.


B.extraordinarily simplistic

C.valid in-vivo


Question 35 of 43

Characteristics of ___________________ _ include symptoms of a neurological disorder without the identification of one.


B.Body dysmorphia

C.Conversion disorder

D.Pain disorder

Question 36 of 43

Attribution theory represents a process wherein we make attributions about:

A.cause and effect

B.controllability and results

C.stigma and employment

D.cause and controllability

Question 37 of 43

The purpose of the Capstone Forum journal article was to:

A.determine how stigma predicts attitudes

B.determine how unemployment effects attitude

C.determine how attitudes impact behavior

D.determine how proxies influence attitude

Question 38 of 43

Train-place programs are the same as supported employment programs.



Question 39 of 43

Data for the Capstone Forum journal article and study were derived from:





Question 40 of 43

According to the authors of the Capstone Forum journal article, there are 2 models explaing stigma, which are identified as:

A.fear and jealousy

B.fear and dangerousness

C.anxiety and stereotyping

D.responsibility and dangerousness

Question 41 of 43

Compare and contrast the neurobiology of addiction with the sociocultural views of chemical dependency. Please elaborate (400-600 words).

Question 42 of 43

Describe and detail specific co-occuring problems found among children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD.

Question 43 of 43

Compare and contrast the Selective Optimization and Compensation (SOC) theory with the Socio-emotional Selectivity (STT) theory of aging.

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