Ethics as they relate to criminal profiling Final Project –  Criminal Profiling and how ethics apply to this profession using the code of ethics and specialty guidelines for forensic psychologist

Ethics as they relate to criminal profiling

Final Project –  Criminal Profiling and how ethics apply to this profession using the code of ethics and specialty guidelines for forensic psychologists by the american psychological associaion.

Final Project GuidelinesThe Final Project is due by Day 3 of Week 11.

A superior Final Project demonstrates breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate for graduate-level scholarship. The paper must follow APA Publication Manual guidelines and be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. The paper should be 10–15 pages, not counting the title page, abstract, or references. Please note that quantity does not always correspond to quality, and a well-written Final Project that includes all of the necessary information can be accomplished in fewer than the maximum number of pages. The Final Project for this course will be evaluated according to all four indicators in the Application Assignment and Final Project Writing Rubric located in the Course Information area.

For your Final Project, you are to select a profession in forensic psychology where you work, aspire to work, or one in which you have an interest. Using the profession you have selected you will compose a 10- to 15-page paper addressing the following:

  • Describe the professional role you selected, including services provided. Provide any background information you have in this area and explain why you decided to work, aspire to work, or why you have interest in this role
  • Describe the forensic setting associated with the professional role and the services provided. Explain any ethical challenges you would anticipate in the setting and explain how you might overcome these challenges.
  • Describe the professional role you have chosen in terms of dual roles you might face. Explain ethical challenges related to dual-roles in the profession and explain how you might address them.
  • Describe the forensic populations you might work with in this particular forensic psychology professional role. Include an explanation of any ethical issues you might face when working with these populations and an explanation of how might you overcome these issues?
  • Describe specific professional ethical codes and guidelines that might be relevant to the services/situation. Identify and analyze ethical codes or guidelines that might be difficult to follow and explain why.
  • Identify and analyze APA and AP-LS codes and guidelines that may be conflicting in the professional role you identified for this Final Project. Explain how you might address these conflicts.
  • Describe the diversity aspects of the population being served in the forensic setting. Explain diversity needs and characteristics of the population.
  • Describe the cultural competencies needed to ethically and effectively work with this population.
  • Explain those competencies that are strengths of yours and those that you need to further develop and explain how you might address/improve upon the competencies that need to be further developed.
  • Describe a population that is different from you, that you may have difficulty serving. Explain why you think you might have difficulty working with a member of that particular group. Describe strategies you might employ to overcome this difficulty and explain how you might avoid an ethical dilemma when working with diverse populations in general. (Note: Please be specific when identifying the population you chose. Think broadly about diversity. For example you might note: language difference, gender orientation, social economic background, religion, and age).
  • Explain any other ethical challenges you may encounter (in the forensic setting, with the population, and in the professional role) you chose for this final project that you may face.
  • Explain common ethical complaints and violations that might arise in the setting.
  • Explain ethical risk management strategies you might employ in your setting to avoid violations.
  • Conclude with insights you have gained throughout the course of the importance of ethics for the forensic psychology professional. Include any views that have changed, and how they changed, throughout the course on topics that have been covered.

Although the Final Project is not due until Day 7 of Week 11, you should become familiar with the paper requirements and have them in mind as you proceed through the course.

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